4 Tourist Spots You Cannot Afford to Miss on Your Norfolk Island Holidays

Summary: The Norfolk Islands have gained a lot of prominence in recent times as an affordable vacation getaway. However, your vacation is incomplete unless you have been to these four tourist spots.

12th February 2019, Sydney: Are you in search of a vacation destination that puts you in the lap of nature? Are you looking for a break from the smoke and noise of the big city? Then a visit to the Norfolk Islands should be your ideal getaway. The Norfolk Island holidays are for anyone who yearns for the quiet and calm of pine forests and the gentle blue sea.

The Norfolk Islands- a South Pacific Getaway
The Norfolk Islands are a mere 8 kilometres by 6 kilometres in area. The sub-tropical island is home to numerous nature trails, rugged cliffs, pine woods and a homely island community. Flora and fauna of the island, the contrasting sight of mountainous forests and sandy coastlines make for a memorable trip.

Tourism in the Norfolk Islands has funded infrastructure, but there is still a heart-warming, rustic charm about the place. You can look forward to the following sights on your holidays:

i. The look from Mount Pitt and Mount Bates
Mount Pitt gives tourists a view of the neighbouring Phillip Island. The Mount Pitt summit was home to the Providence Petrels during their nesting season. They mostly flock to the Phillip Islands these days.
The rainforests of Mount Bates, however, is home to the Pacific Robin. Tourists can also catch a glimpse of World War II memorabilia here. Both these mountains are located inside the National Park.

ii. Anson Bay
The Anson Bay is a short driving distance away from the township community of Burnt Pine. The picturesque spot is famous for its pine-tree fenced cliffs. The turquoise-coloured sea thrashes on the rocks dotting the shoreline below. The location is ideal for picnics and BBQs.

iii. Captain Cook’s Lookout
Captain Cook’s Lookout is another tourist spot at the end of the cliffs, wrapped in greenery, next to the sea. The pine forests are home to numerous exotic birds. The place has significant historical value and is a part of the island’s heritage.

iv. The UNESCO World Heritage area
The Kingston and Arthur’s Vale region in the islands is a UNESCO World Heritage location. The area used to be a convict settlement and is the oldest among the eleven such settlements in Australia.

Your Norfolk Island holidays are incomplete unless you visit these four locations.


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