The Christmas Ghosts
There were three guys that died on Christmas. They were sent to heaven but only could enter if they each brought one thing that represented Christmas. The first guy brought a stocking and god let him in. The second guy brought a ornament and god let him in also. The third guy brought him a pair of underwear. All three of their spirits rested in heaven. How is the third guy in heaven?.... More

this man was liying dead in a telephone box wnidows broken his hands were covered in blood he was a fisherman how did he die?.... More

A little grey man
A jumper of ditches A leaper of thorns A little grey man with two leathe horns..... More

A golden apple
In marble halls as white as milk Lined with a skin assoft as silk Within a fountain crystal clear A golden apple doth appear. No doors there are to this stron hall. Yet thieves break in and steal the gold..... More

Old Ladies and Baseball
Three old ladies are at their first baseball game. They are drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and it is almost gone. Based on that information what inning is it and how many are on base?.... More

Two Doors
There are two doors. One door lead to Heaven while...... More

how old
less than 1000 more than 88 x 2 + 8 less than 100 x 9 + 65 more than 100 x 9 + 63.... More

images(disregard) In a particular situation you can be in a room of flowers but you""ll never walk into that room. How is that so?.... More

there are 3 lillypads in the middle of a pond and a frog lands dead in the middle of 1 why doesn""t he continue....... More

who am i
yellow yellow sari i wear but i got white childrens who am i.... More

pudding and pie
its a the smoothest thing like pudding and pie and the fluffiest thing in the sky..... More

grace and poise
its an animal that doesn""t have grace and poise and only wanted is to make loud noise what is it?.... More

guys that laugh and dont make you frown make you smile and never let you far who is it?.... More

What am I
I have no feet to dance I have no eyes to see I hav eno life to live or die but yet I do all three. What am I?.... More

Turn Off The Lights
A man exausted from his long journey decides to go to sleep..he shuts off all the lights and goes to sleep..when he wakes up he has already killed 365 people. he does not sleep walk and slept all night like a baby..how is this possible?.... More

You and your three friends stay over night at a hotel it costs thirty to stay over each of you pay 10 bucks shortly after you get back the bellhop arrives and gives you 5 bucks becasue it was only 25 dollars you give the bellhop a tip of 2 bucks and your friends both a dollar WHERE DID THE LAST DOLLAR GO !!!.... More

Rich and Poor
The rich need it The poor have it If you eat it you will die Who am I.... More

The unknown man
A man walks into a town general store to buy a can...... More

What time is when you can""t breath?.... More

What breaks without making a sound?.... More

Innocent one
They were two twins named Daniel and David. David robbed a bank and got busted by the police. They were taken to court but David didn""t get in troubleWHY????????????????.... More

i am in chandighar and rhyme with sand..................... More

i am in chandigarh and i rhyme with sand.WHO AM I................?.... More

what is that
what flies without wings.... More

control your tears
you use a knife to slice my head and you weep beside me when im dead. what am i?.... More

what could it be?
What does man love more than life? Fear more than death or mortal strife? What do the poor have what the rich require And what contented men desire? What does the miser spend the spendthrift save And all men carry to their graves?.... More

light as a feather yet no man can hold it for long. what is it?.... More

dont break it
no sooner spoken than broken. what is it?.... More

a game of catch
what can you catch but not throw.... More

feed me food and i will live feed me water and i will die. what am i?.... More

wet and dry
what gets wetter and wetter the more it dries.... More

what could it be?
what runs but does not walk has a mouth but does not talk has a head but does not weep and has a bed but does not sleep.... More

people like reading
what fo people like to read.... More

Night and Day
Flying in the sky pretty as can be. What orange and golden for you and I to see? It is at night but also day But it casts the shadows well away. It soars in heat but forever keeps a beautiful cold glow..... More

Chicken or the egg
What came first the chicken or the egg??????.... More

The hat
There are two guys and one is wearing a hat. The one guy asks the guy with the hat to take it off. So he does but he dosn""t reveal any hair. What happened????.... More

the baseball players
why do the baseball players like to go to the park???.... More

a woman shoots her husband then she drowns him then she hangs him and then later on they go to dinner how is that possible?.... More

I HAVE 1lb. of feathers and 1 lb. of bricks . wich object is heavier?!?!?!.... More

WHO AM I????????????????????????????? I AM RELATED TO YOU. I AM REALY CLOSE WITH YOU! I AM YOU COUSINS AUNT?!?!?!WHO AM I??.... More

What can you fill a bucket with to make it lighter.... More

The Red Sea
What happens to a green rock when you throw it in the Red Sea?.... More

What is it?
For it dies a hundred feet up in the air and its back on the ground what is it?.... More

The Treasure of the Woods
I went into the woods and got it. I sat down to seek it. I brought it home with me because I couldn""t find it..... More

Can a man marry his widows siter?.... More

The two brothers
Two brothers we are great burdens we bear all day we are bitterly pressed yet this must say we are full all day and empty when we go to rest..... More

what do they have?
schwarzenegger has a big one michael j. fox has a small one madonna doesn""t have one the pope doesn""t use his and clinton uses his all the time. what is it?.... More

What am I?
I give life but I can die. Double triple letters on me to me power is the key. What am I?.... More

What is it?
What""s greater than God is worse than the Devil the rich need it the poor have it and if you eat it you""ll die?.... More

St. Ives
As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven wives. Each wife had seven cats each cat had seven sacks each sack had seven kittens kittens cats sacks and wives how many were going to St. Ives?.... More

You are going to play golf.You are wearing to pair of pants.Why are you wearing to pair of pants?.... More

Orange JUICE
WHy do people like to stare at orange juice containers all day?.... More

Safiest Room
wuts the safiest room in a haunted house?.... More

why didnt the skeleton cross the road?.... More

Why did the dinosaur cross the road?.... More

A Man
A Man Walked Into A bar...What Happend To Him?.... More

What is it?
What is hot when warm colouredand cold when not?.... More

The animal 2
I am black and white all over with red! what am I?.... More

I have two legs and can go in water and land what am I?.... More

spell it...
if you are n.i.t. you are E..... More